Flodden Ride-Out

Thursday 10th August

300 horses turnout for our Flodden rideout on a lovely sunny day to follow our Coldstreamer,  where we continued on to Cornhill, Melkington, Pallinsburn and Branxton.

Photos from the day
click for photos of the cavalcade leaving

The Best Turned out Horse and rider was won by Talia Watson, 2nd Rachael Macauley, 3rd Kieran DoddsThe sun set on what had been an amazing day with fabulous weather (if not a little too hot for the horses!) 

Start Time: 10:30 (to be mounted by 10:15)  
Start Location: The Lees, Coldstream

Outward Route:
Directions to Flodden to be added soon Coldstream High Street, Cornhill, Crammondhill, New Heaton, Pallinsburn, Branxton (short halt for Coldstream Principals only 12:00), Branxton Hill.

Arrive Flodden Field: 12:30
Depart Flodden Field: 14:30

Photos from the day
click for photos of the cavalcade returning

Return Route:Branxton Hill, Branxton Moor, Downham Law, The Hag, West Learmouth, Cornhill and Coldstream.

Arrive Coldstream: 17:30

Please remember - Hard hats must be worn on all Coldstream Civic Week rideouts

Directions returning from Flodden  to be added soon
At Flodden Hillup the hillFollowing at FloddenPart of the cavalcadeBattle of Flodden memorial