Flodden Ride-Out

Photos from the day
click for photos of the cavalcade leaving

Thursday 4th August

Thursday- Coldstreamer Jamie Nicolson led an impressive 326 horses and riders out of Coldstream towards England heading to Branxton. It was a lovely ride and everything ran smoothly; the cavalcade charged up Flodden field at 12.30pm. The return journey set off at 2pm, returning into Coldstream at 5pm.

Photos from the day
click for photos of the cavalcade returning

All rideouts were very well supported, I would like to thank all the landowners that allowed us to cross their land this year it's very much appreciated they all work extremely hard to provide us with fields and margins some can be very last minute and I can't thank you enough.

Start Time: 10:30 (to be mounted by 10:15)  
Start Location: The Lees, Coldstream

Directions to Flodden to be added soon

Outward Route:
Coldstream High Street, Cornhill, Crammondhill, New Heaton, Pallinsburn, Branxton (short halt for Coldstream Principals only 12:00), Branxton Hill.

Arrive Flodden Field: 12:30
Depart Flodden Field: 14:00

Directions returning from Flodden  to be added soon

Return Route:Branxton Hill, Branxton Moor, Downham Law, The Hag, West Learmouth, Cornhill and Coldstream.

Arrive Coldstream: 17:00

Please remember - Hard hats must be worn on all Coldstream Civic Week rideouts

At Flodden HillFollowing at FloddenHorse and cartPart of the cavalcadeBattle of Flodden memorial