Leitholm Ride-Out

Friday 11th August

We had 31 horses and riders to Leitholm this year through the woods at the golf course and had a fast run to Leitholm with plenty fields and tracks all the way.

Everyone had a blast and a very fitting end to a fantastic civic week. The Best Turned out first time horse and rider went to Emma Wood, 2nd was Talia Watson and 3rd Millie Hope.

Start Time: 16:00  
Start Location: The Lees, Coldstream

Directions to Leitholm to be added soon

Outward Route:
Coldstream High Street, Guards Road, Duns Road, Fields to east of Kincham Wood, Dunglass Wood, Castlelaw, Darnchester West Mains, Marlfield, Leitholm High Street, Bughtrig.

Arrive Leitholm: 17:45

Please remember - Hard hats must be worn on all Coldstream Civic Week rideouts

Riding through the fieldsAccross the fieldsenjoying the rideenjoying the rideComing into Leitholm