Norham Ride-Out

Monday 6th August

89 riders left for Norham.  On a lovely sunny evening they rode to Norham via Milne Graden and Ladykirk, arriving at Norham at 6.00pm.  The Thomson Family Shield for the youngest rider was awarded to Molly Thomson.  The ride returned via the English side, arriving back into Coldstream at 9.00pm.

Start Time: 16:00 
Start Location: The Lees, Coldstream

Directions to Norham to be added soon

Outward Route:
Coldstream High Street, Coldstream Mains, Milne Graden, Sunnyside, Ladykirk, Norham.

Arrive Norham: 18:00
Depart Norham: 19:00

Directions returning from Norham to be added soon

Return Route:
Norham, railway line to Donaldson's Lodge, Crammond Hill, Cornhill, Coldstream High Street

Arrive Coldstream: 21:00

Please remember - Hard hats must be worn on all Coldstream Civic Week rideouts

Norham ride-outNorham ride-out 2017Norham ride-out 2017Back from the Norham ride-out 2017